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(:title CW5 Basics:)

!!! Overview

!!! A Word of Caution

!!! Creating sites

!!! Don't forget to see What to tell your students

!!! For instructors - CW5 Basics:

  • Customize Tabs - From My Workspace, choose Preferences. You can move sites out of your tabs and change the order.
  • Site Info
    • Edit tools - Use this to change the tools that you have in your site. The default set of tools is Home, Announcements, Materials and Syllabus.
    • Manage Access - The default is to draw enrollment data from axess, but this means that students have access to your CW site as soon as they enroll in axess, even if the quarter has not started yet, and even if they are just enrolling to take a look at your site. You can change this by "unpublishing" the site. Uncheck the Publish Site box under Access by Site Participants Only section and clicking Update. When you are ready to give student access again, then check the Publish Site box and Update.
    • Edit Class Roster(s)
      • Definition: A roster is a list of students who sign up on Axess. This is drawn automatically from the Registrar's database.
      • If you accidentally put too many rosters into one class, or forget to add one to a multi-section class, you can add or remove rosters here.
      • You can also prevent student access by removing the class roster, if you like to add students manually in order to prevent any voyeurs.
    • Add participants - This is the place to add students manually. Unlike CW3, you can add a list of participants rather than doing them one at a time.
  • Syllabus - Similar to CW3, but you can add multiple documents, both directly and as attachments, and can change the order of display. You also have the ability to have Draft documents, which students are not able to see. Please note that instructors can see all items, both Posted and Draft, when using Preview.
  • Adding text
    • No editor: Just type
    • Rich Text Editor: Just type
      • Buttons for formatting
      • Source - will take html
      • Add images, flash
    • Copying from MSWord, etc
      • Popup for cleaning up formatting
      • Source for unformatted text
  • Announcements - Similar to CW3, but you now have the ability to add Attachments. You can set the release and retract times for announcements or send them to specific sections only.
  • Materials - Similar to CW3, but access to contents is ubiquitous: materials from previous sites can be copied easily
  • Using Assignments
    • Check release, due and retract dates
    • Feedback - default is instant feedback
    • Don't forget to PUBLISH!! - nothing is active until you click this button
    • Core assignments vs. In/Active assignments
    • Scores
  • Schedule - covers all courses. You can also add Attachments and make items available only to certain sections.

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