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Use Project sites as resource sites

  • This is in contrast to Course sites. Specify that you want a Project site in the helpsu.
  • Why? Because in project sites, there are 2 roles: Owner and Contributor. If instructors are added to the site as Contributors, they cannot delete anything that they did not post.
  • This solves the problem of instructors accidentally deleting assignments in a resource site that is set up as a Course site.
  • There is one important difference: Project sites do not have the Assignments tool, so any assignments need to be stored in Materials, as exported .zip files. Descriptive names (rather than exportAssignment) should be given to the individual files.

Use question pools

  • At the moment, question pools are not shareable, but we are hoping that they will be in the near future. Question pools can be used in assignments to draw a random question from a pool.
  • ODAs could be re-configured so that there are several equivalent prompts available at each assessment time in the quarter. Each ODA would contain a randomly selected item, which would hopefully ensure a bit more spontaneity from students.

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