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Phase 3: More

  • Forums: Go to Forums and comment on a post and then post your own new topic. If possible, make an .mp3 recording of your voice and add that to the post or comment as an attachment.
  • Wiki: Go to the Wiki and create your own page, adding at least one sentence (i.e. kenro was here!)
  • Question Pool: Go to Assignments and create a question pool. Then create an assignment that randomly draws from that question pool.

Phase 4: On your own site

  • Resource Sites: Request a new project site. Export all of your assignments and rename the files with appropriate names. Create folders in Materials and upload the exported assignments. Add other instructors as Contributors so that they can download files, but not change anything on the site.
  • Social Networking: Create a site that draws from more than one course. Add Forums and Wiki so that students can communicate with each other and collaborate. Require them to create profiles on the Wiki and post discussion topics in Forums.
  • Need ideas? Want to be inspired? Take a look at some of the details from the 2009 second prize winner in the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award competition, "Germany and the World Wars, 1870-1990", by Dr. Edith Sheffer of the Stanford History Department.

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