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Summative assessments are usually done on paper and are administered by the instructor.  However, there are cases where midterms or finals may be done on computer, especially in cases where a student needs accomodations for a registered disability.  To make arrangements for a summative assessment on a computer:

  • Contact Ken, Joan, and your coordinator at least 3 weeks before the scheduled date.  
  • These must be administered in Building 30.  Contact Amy in the LC office to arrange for a room.
  • Create the assessment in a CourseWork site but do not publish it.  Send a link to the site with the assessment at least one week before the scheduled date.  The sample test at the WPA site may be useful in creating the test.
  • The instructor or some other Test Administrator must be available in the Building 30, but not in the room where the test is taking place.  That person must be able to help the student in case of technical difficulties.  See the WPA site for details about preparation and error handling.
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