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  • Copying assignments
  • Creating your own assignment
    • Under Create New Assignment, type a unique name next to the Title and click Create. Add items by using the drop-down menu next to Insert New Question.
    • Adding text - How to use the text boxes, especially when copying and pasting.
    • Adding attachments - Some file types can be embedded in the page, others will be linked.
    • Embedding Video - How to embed web video from sources like YouTube.
    • Settings
      • Delivery Dates - Set the release, due and retract dates.
      • Feedback - Set when students get feedback and what they can see when they get it.
      • Grading - Options for seeing student identities, sending scores to the Gradebook, and recording scores of multiple submissions.
      • Organization - Linear or random access to items, how much is on a page, and numbering.
      • Submissions - How many submissions allowed, late handling, and automatic submissions.
      • Recommended settings - Chosen to help make students successful.
    • Question Types
  • Published Assignments

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