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[ Short url:]

First, go to

In My Workspace, choose Worksite Setup. If you are an instructor and don't have Worksite Setup in your left menu, then check with the Language Center to make sure listed as an instructor with HR. If you are a graduate student in the DLCL, check with that office as well. If you are a foreign student, then you also need to be approved as a TA by EFS - check in the Language Center office. If you have done all that and still can't see Worksite Setup, then send in a HelpSU.


You will see all of the sites that already exist for you in the new version of CourseWork. Keep in mind that older sites are still available at

To set up a new site, click on New just below Worksite Setup

Select the quarter that you want to set up.


Select the course that you want to set up. IMPORTANT: YOU CAN ONLY CREATE ONE SITE AT A TIME. If you click more than one checkbox, those rosters will all be put into one site. On the other hand, this is a good way to make a class with multiple sections.


You will get a confirmation of the course and then you will have to choose the tools you want to include. On this page you will also have the opportunity to copy any Materials or Assignments you have in other sites. If you need to copy assignments from a Resource Site, this is the time to do it.


Next, you have to choose whether you want the site immediately published or not. The default is Unpublished.


Finally you will get another confirmation. The course will be set up automatically, without going through a human check.

Keep in mind that this data is drawn from the Registrar, so if you do not get the course you think you should, the Registrar has it listed incorrectly. You can still choose to create the course (or, rather, put yourself in it) by clicking on Add a course(s) and/or section(s) not listed above... . You will not be able to see the students in the course until you actually show that you should be in the course. CW support will send an email to the person who is registered to teach the course and when they give their approval, you will be given access. It goes without saying that you should make sure that you get this changed with the Registrar.

Also, see the How Do I Create a CourseWork Site? video from CW Support

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