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1/7 Tuesday CCC SOPI planning meeting

1/31 Friday SOPI app on Lab machine - QA testing complete

2/7 Friday Load testing complete

2/14 Friday Site creation complete

3/7 Friday Content upload and functional testing complete

4/1 Tuesday Individual coordinator meetings covering Notices 1 and 2 (See

4/7 Monday Program schedules due

4/11 Friday Publish SOPI calendar

4/18 Friday Content QA complete

4/21 Monday Instructor notice sent: reminder of procedures

5/5 Monday Roll out SOPI image (current 280C image) to drop-in area

5/5-5/16 Lab on half schedule for testing

5/12 Monday Lab machine audio testing complete (headset functionality, rec volume, no duplex)

5/19-6/4 Lab on full testing schedule

5/19 Monday SOPI: Chinese

5/19 Monday WPA: Arabic

5/20 Tuesday SOPI: Russian, Italian, Korean

5/20 Tuesday WPA: Japanese

5/21 Wednesday SOPI: Italian, Spanish

5/21 Wednesday WPA: Chinese

5/22 Thursday SOPI: Spanish

5/22 Thursday WPA: Korean

5/23 Friday SOPI: Spanish

5/23 Friday WPA: Portuguese, German

5/27 Tuesday SOPI: Italian, French

5/27 Tuesday WPA: French

5/28 Wednesday SOPI: Arabic

5/28 Wednesday WPA: French

5/29 Thursday SOPI: Japanese

5/29 Thursday WPA: Russian, Italian

5/30 Friday SOPI: Portuguese, German

5/30 Friday WPA: Spanish, Italian

6/2 Monday SOPI: French, Portuguese

6/2 Monday WPA: Spanish

6/3 Tuesday SOPI: French

6/3 Tuesday WPA: Spanish

6/4 Wednesday: Make-up

6/6 Thursday Return Drop-in area to non-SOPI image

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