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short url:  http://goo.gl/Ncs7N

A few very important rules:

  • While you are employed at Stanford, you MUST use your @stanford.edu email address for ANYTHING related to your teaching or your students: http://webmail.stanford.edu. You should NOT forward your email to another third-party account.
  • You can use third-party sites for your teaching materials, but you CANNOT ask students to login to them or submit work there. This includes non-Stanford Google Drive, box.com, dropbox.com, Facebook, Wet paint, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • You can use your personal tablet or smartphone for teaching, but many devices are set to automatically upload photos, videos, and audio recordings. You should make sure that student work DOES NOT get stored in your iTunes, iCloud, Google+, or other third-party account. The best way to do this is to abstain from taking any pictures or videos of student work (including presentations).
  • You DO NOT have permission to show Stanford student data in any public way, including conference presentations, or informal discussions at other institutions.
  • You must delete all student data from your personal devices by September 22, 2014.

Complying with these rules is non-negotiable; failure to comply has serious consequences. Contact Ken Romeo (kenro at stanford dot edu) if you have questions.

Online resources:

  • Coursework: http://coursework.stanford.edu Stanford’s main learning management system, based on open-community Sakai software. Sites are integrated with course enrollment, and instructors can send announcements, post materials, create/submit/score assignments, and run discussion forums.
  • Google Drive: http://webdocs.stanford.edu Stanford’s instance of Google Apps for Education. Create, share, and comment on documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and make forms. Great for drafts by students, but make sure the final version is submitted on Coursework.
  • Stanford Box: https://stanford.box.com Stanford’s instance of box.com, for sharing non-Google documents and other files. Great for drafts by students, but make sure the final version is submitted on Coursework.
  • Google Sites: https://sites.google.com/a/stanford.edu User-friendly website setup.
  • Qualtrics: https://itservices.stanford.edu/service/survey Powerful online survey software available to faculty, staff and students.

On campus hardware

  • Check the Meyer Tech Desk for video and still cameras, audio recorders, and even a few iPads.
  • Meyer Library and the Tresidder Lair have workstations in air-conditioned rooms. Meyer has a cluster of powerful MacPros for video import/export/editing.

Questions? Contact Ken Romeo – Language Center Academic Technology Specialist – kenro at stanford dot edu – http://lcatswiki.stanford.edu


Course sites: CourseWork sites have been set up for all LDEC and writing courses. These sites have been populated with some tools, but you should feel free to add/subtract/change as you see fit. In particular, you may want tools such as Gradebook or the Wiki. All sites are set up Published and can be unpublished inSite Info >> Manage Access. I will try to add instructors and TAs as their SUNetIDs become available, but if you find you cannot find your site, please let me know. Enrollment in all sites is manual, which means that you will need to keep track of students yourself. You can add students through Site Info >> Add Participants, and you can remove students by going to Site Info, clicking the checkbox next to their names, and then clicking Update.

Student orientation: When posting materials and assignments on CourseWork, please do not expect students to magically know how to do what you want them to do. Especially at the beginning of the summer, you should give them explicit instructions with in-class demos. If you do not know how to do something yourself,PLEASE CONTACT Ken Romeo, the LC ATS, and we can arrange for you to try it.

Resource site: All instructors should be enrolled in the CourseWork EFS Resource Site. Please feel free to use anything you might find there. Also, please add anything you think might be useful for future iterations of this course.

688-Gateway program site: All instructors, TAs, and students are enrolled in Su13-EFSLANG-688-Gateway. On a very basic level, this will be our mailing list for all students. Everyone (including students) should also feel free to add photos and other information to the Materials tool. Forums is a threaded discussion tool and there is a Wiki. However, please keep in mind that this site is open to everyone, and you should not post anything without the explicit permission of everyone involved, especially photos.

Video capture: Presentation practice videos should be uploaded to students's Drop Boxes in Coursework.  Make sure that ALL students can view these by the second week of the program.  If they files produced by your camera are not of a reasonable size (less than 50MB) or format (.mov, .mp4) or if students are having trouble viewing them, contact the Ken Romeo, the LC ATS.

Lecture Website

The Tuesday/Friday lecture video can be found at the Lecture Series website (http://goo.gl/oSJB7). Tuesday morning lectures will be posted sometime that afternoon and Friday lectures will be posted sometime the following week. I’ll be making some clips, but I would ask that you please contribute back anything that you can share. There is also a certain amount of material from previous years.

New Instructors

For instructors who are absolutely new to Stanford, please see the information on http://goo.gl/KwSK4.

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