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Practice what you learn on this page on the LC Tutorial Wiki

Most of the wikis you will be using are visible to anyone on the Internet, but only certain people are allowed to edit them. If you are given permission to edit a wiki, the first thing you should do is Login with WebAuth, NOT just the simple Log in.


Once you enter your SUNetID and password in the Stanford WebAuth, you will see the edit option.


Click on the Edit tab and you will get a menu for editing. Feel free to use the Wikitext option for a bit more control over your formatting - in fact, if you are copying and pasting from anywhere (especially MSWord) it is STRONGLY recommended that you do all of your editing in the Wikitext option. More information about the markup language can be found at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents


After you are done with your editing, you should click Save


If you ever find that you would like to go back to a previous saved version, you can use the History tab.


To create an internal link to a new (or old) page, just type a page title in double square brackets:

[[New Page]]

To create an external link, just type in the url and it will automatically be linked:


To create an external link with a different label, use single square brackets and then put the label after a space following the url:

[http://www.stanford.edu Stanford Website] 

More information can be found at the help content on mediawiki.org, especially formatting and links.

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