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If have a Rich Text Editor, then you can embed a video that has been uploaded to the Materials of the site. This works in places like the Homepage, Assignments, and Forums. You can also do this in Materials if you Add >> Create HTML page


First, you need to get the URL for the uploaded movie. Find it in Materials, and click on Actions and select Edit Details.


On the Edit Details page, go down to the bottom and find the Web Address (URL):


Then, go to the place where you want to display the video and click the link that says Show/Hide Rich-Text Editor to show the editor.


Then click on the Source button.


Finally, paste the embed code into the box.


You should use the following code:

‎<embed src="url" width="320" height="256"></embed>

Where url is the url of the video you want embedded - it is what you copied from the Edit Details page earlier. You can adjust the size as you wish.

Click on Source again. You won't be able to see the video in this editing mode. Once you save the item, however, you will be able to see the embedded video.

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