February Coordinator Agenda

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SOPIs and eWPAs

Tentative 2012 schedule:

  • 5/21 Monday SOPI: Russian, Italian / eWPA: Chinese
  • 5/22 Tuesday SOPI: Spanish, Italian / eWPA: Korean
  • 5/23 Wednesday SOPI: Spanish / eWPA: Portuguese, German
  • 5/24 Thursday SOPI: Spanish / eWPA: French
  • 5/25 Friday SOPI: Arabic / eWPA: French
  • 5/29 Tuesday SOPI: Japanese / eWPA: Italian
  • 5/30 Wednesday SOPI: Portuguese, German, Hebrew / eWPA: Spanish, Italian
  • 5/31 Thursday SOPI: French / eWPA: Spanish
  • 6/1 Friday SOPI: French / eWPA: Spanish
  • 6/4 Monday SOPI: Chinese
  • 6/5 Tuesday SOPI: Korean / eWPA: Japanese



By 3/16, please send me a schedule for the sections you need to test on the days assigned to your language. Please remember that we have two rooms available: 280C time slots start on the hour and the Drop-in area time slots start at 15 minutes past the hour. If you find that you cannot fit all of your classes into your days, please let me know and we can negotiate with the other coordinators.

We need to set up a time to do QA in March.

Please make sure instructors and TAs know the rules about showing up and how to schedule make-ups.



This year, all eWPAs will be run in Building 30. Make sure your instructors and TAs are giving students practice typing ON A PC IN INTERNET EXPLORER WINDOWS 7 IN COURSEWORK. Asian languages: please test typing on our machine.

Placement tests

Rance is coming out 2/23-24. Please prepare any questions you may have about the placement tests. We may be able to ask for some changes to your test, so if you are interested in that, please let me know so I can set up a time for you to meet with Rance. You should also prepare a detailed list of changes*before* that meeting.

Wikis and blogs

The Information Security Office has re-classified student data to Confidential. This means that we can now use ITS blogs and wikis, as long as they are restricted to class only. The default is still Forums and Wiki in CourseWork and instructors who want a blog or wiki for a class will need to present a convincing argument as to why they would like one set up. Please note that each of these will still have to be set up manually, so I will need some time (3 weeks?) for each request.


The CourseWork team has completed installation of the latest upgrade of their video streaming tool, Kaltura. This will allow easy uploading of video from activities like student presentations. The tool has not been publically released yet, but if you are interested, please let me know. Please note that videos uploaded can be viewed by anyone in the site, and cannot be made private (like video in the Drop Box) yet. Webcam capture is possible, but this is not available in Assignments yet.

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