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  • Don't use the back button! - Use Cancel or the tiny Reset icon CWResetButton.jpg next to the tool name.
  • Email / Contact info: Make sure your contact information (email) is correct in
  • Composing: CourseWork does an auto-save, but it only runs every 15 minutes. When composing in text boxes, click the Save button frequently.
  • Save / Submit: As you go through an assignment, clicking Next saves that item or part, as does clicking Save. However, your instructor can't see your work unless you click Submit for Grading at the end of the assignment. It is possible that your instructor has set the assignment to auto-submit at the due date, but this is not the default.
  • Multiple submissions: If your instructor has set the assignment to allow multiple submission, you may be able to re-do it, provided that the due date has not passed. However, you will start with a BLANK assignment - previous answers are NOT carried over into the text boxes. Keep in mind that the instructor can always see all submissions.
  • Re-takes: If your instructor has not set the assignment to allow for multiple submissions, and you need to retake the assignment, ask them if you can do so. If they agree, there is a way to allow re-takes.

Audio Response items

  • We strongly recommend that you come into the Digital Language Lab to do all audio response items. Technically, audio response items will work anywhere, but realistically, we have found that making a microphone reliably work with any computer is sometimes difficult. This has more to do with the wide range of hardware configuration possibilities than the operating system, so you would need to consult with the owners manual for your machine.
  • To use the recording applet, you should position the microphone 2 to 5 cm from your mouth and click on the "Click to record your answer ..." link.


  • Accept any and all dialog boxes that may appear by clicking Yes, OK, or Run.


and click Run in the Java Warning box


Finding your scores

  • When you open Assignments, you can see the status of submitted assignments. If an assignment has been graded, you can see the total score on the top page. If you open the assignment, you will be able to see the scores on individual items and any comments that your instructor has given.


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