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The Detailed Settings and Permissions interface for Forums is not the easiest to understand, and a couple of the default settings do not reflect what language teachers usually do.

  • Note that each Topic can feed to the gradebook, and this selection is made about in the middle of the settings box. The gradebook item must be already created before the Topic for this to work.
  • Each role is given a permission level. This permission level can be seen if you click Customize (even if you don't want to customize it).
  • The default settings are such that students cannot edit or delete their own messages. You can change this by clicking on the Customize button and then changing the settings in the Edit Messages and Delete Messages boxes.


Note that if your site has sections via the Section Info tool, it is possible to set up Forums that are private to a section. In the Forum/Topic that you want to be private, the Student role should get None permissions. You will see each section listed under Role by the name you gave it - the permission level of this role should be set to Student or Custom.

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