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Below is an example of how the Gradebook tool can be used. 

  • The categories have been created and given weights to reflect the grading structure in the syllabus.
  • Homework comes directly from the Assignments tool.  For each assignment, Settings >> Grading has "Grades sent to Gradebook" selected.  Note that it is the percentage correct of each assignment, not the raw score, that contributes to the category total.
  • In this course, a weekly Quiz served a dual purpose of being a vocabulary check and a participation measure.  The scoring on the Quiz was set up so that no one got a low grade unless they were late or did not show up, but the feedback did point out weak areas in their listening. 
  • The score in the Vocabulary section came from weekly contributions to word lists in Forums.
  • There was a need to privately convey Placement and Exit assessment scores to students, so these were included as Unassigned items that did not contribute to the final grade.


Another way of recording attendance is to keep a traditional paper record of attendance, and then enter the number of days attended for each student periodically throughout the term or at the end of the term.


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