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Instructors can register their machines (computer, tablet, phone, or other device) using an online tool.

  1. Once you have their SUNetID, you should bring your device to campus and connect to the Stanford wi-fi.
  2. Open a browser and try to go to a website, and you will get the self-registration tool. This requires their SUNetID and password.
  3. Complete the self-registration, which includes downloading a registration tool, and possibly anti-virus software.
  4. Within about 20 min at most – usually it happens immediately – of completing this process, you will have internet access.

Detailed instructions can be found at:


  • All users will automatically be put into 2-step authentication. We strongly recommend the Google Authenticator app over the SMS and paper list options.
  • Sometimes, returning instructors do not remember their passwords. If this happens you should call 555-HELP to begin the password re-set process.
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