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short url: http://goo.gl/K1DrvG


  • Get you online quickly
  • Best for simple sites
  • Going beyond Jumpstart:  Learn Drupal

Steps to get started

  • Find your site (see list below)
  • Login
  • Tell Ken
  • (I will change your role to editor - this step may take a day or two, so I will let you know when it is done)
  • Edit your site
  • Tell your instructors
  • Contact Ken to assign a vanity URL (language.stanford.edu) to your site

Be careful about

  • Copyright: text and images, links
  • Politics: LC, DLCL, etc
  • Coverage: info for students, instructors, Stanford, the world

How to:

In general, you can get most of the information you need from the Jumpstart instructions at the Get Help page.

  • Text:  It is usually best to type directly into the box.  When you copy / paste from another source, you should use the eraser button (right in the middle of the menu) to get rid of the formatting and then apply what formating you want using the menu there.  
  • Images:  It is usually best to have an image that is precisely the size you want, especially for the banner image on the top page.  You can use Photoshop or OSX Preview to re-size your images.  Also, when replacing images, it is best to delete the old one before you insert the new one.
  • Getting help

List of sites:

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