October Coordinator Meeting Agenda

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short url: http://goo.gl/75JCu

  • Spring assessments
    • SOPIs
      • Content QA
      • Scheduling
      • Website and instructions
      • Make-up procedures
      • Assessing results
    • eWPAs
      • Typing should be a given: get a workshop
      • Website and instructions
      • Assessing results
  • ODAs and other oral assignments
    • Reality check:
      • Google translate, babelfish, and writing out scripts and assignments
      • Students use up their attempts, both at speaking and submitting
    • Solutions:
      • Emphasis on the nature of the assignment and the honor code
      • Cross-checks in the classroom and consequences for non-matches
      • More items in a random-draw assignment
      • Two types of assignments: reading and free speaking
      • Unlimited attempts at speaking
      • Unlimited submissions
  • Resource sites
    • How to export assignments for backup
    • Recommendation: move to project sites so instructors can't delete stuff
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