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!!! Simultaneous Powerpoint Editing and Presentation (for a PC):

  1. Connect your laptop to the LCD projector/Smartpanel.
  2. Configure the display so that two screens are running (right-button click the screen, Properties >> Settings >> Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor >> Apply). You can drag the second screen to match the physical configuration of your two screens.
  3. Open the PowerPoint presentation you are working with in the Edit/Create mode (not the presentation mode).
  4. Use the dropdown menu, or the button on the lower left corner, or F5 to start a presentation.
  5. You will have the edit mode screen on your laptop and the presentation on the LCD projector/Smartpanel. The two are independent as far as movement between the slides (i.e. you have to actually click on the LCD projector/Smartpanel screen to get it to advance and this is not reflected in the edit mode screen) but text and other changes on the edit mode version are immediately reflected on the LCD projector/Smartpanel.

This is useful when teaching because you can take advantage of the presentation features of PowerPoint (animations, slide transitions, etc.) but the content is still dynamic/editable. It allows you to make small changes to the presentation on the fly. More importantly, you can put in-class exercises in PowerPoint with blanks were the answers should be, then go through the exercies in class and fill in the blanks as the students give suggestions. And then save the whole thing. A true digital blackboard.

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