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This tutorial is designed to give language teachers some ideas for using an online Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate instruction. The activities here are quite basic, but hopefully demonstrate how to do useful formative assessment outside the classroom. None of the activities are intended to be a replacement for face-to-face learning, which is essential for most people to learn to really use a language well. The instructions below are linked to an instance of Sakai, a popular choice among universities around the world, maintained by a private company called rSmart.  However, you could just as easily do it on any other LMS, such as Blackboard's Coursesites.

Phase 1: Be a Student

In order to use your LMS effectively as an instructor, it is important to understand what it feels like to use it as a student. The following will give a bit of experience with Resources and Tests and Quizzes from the student point of view.

Login to rSmart’s MySakai and open the site. Search for the site called LANGTEACH 01 All12. Join the site [ Instructions ].

Download / Upload:

  1. Click on Resources in the left menu.
  2. Choose one of the files and download it.
  3. Click on Dropbox in the left menu.
  4. Upload the document you just downloaded to your Drop Box.

Tests and Quizzes:

  1. Click on Tests and Quizzes in the left menu and complete the assignment called Listening: Comprehension and Discussion.

Phase 2: Be an Instructor

Probably the most basics things you will need to do on your LMS are posting the syllabus, importing/exporting assignments, creating audio response and short answer assignments, and uploading / downloading files. The following will give experience with these basic tasks. First you will need to create your own site in MySakai [ Instructions]. For a start, go to Site Editor >> Edit Tools and add Syllabus, Resources, Tests and Quizzes, and Drop Box

Use MySakai Help to do the following tasks:

Other things you might want to learn to do:

How to

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