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(:title SecureFX FTP Client Instructions:)

Unfortunately, OpenAFS only works on campus. If you are off campus, you have two options: either install and run the Stanford VPN service (, or, if you are on a PC, perhaps the easier option is to use use SecureFX. This is found in your list of programs (from the Start button). Once you launch it, you will have to choose a server. Any of them will do, but is the main one used for this type of service.

[|"SecureFX Connect"] [[<<]]

You will be asked whether you want to save the host key. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to just Accept it or to Accept and Save it, except that saved keys tend to pile up in your list of servers.

[|"SecureFX Host Key"] [[<<]]

When you are all logged in, you end up in the default space, which is your AFS space. If you want to open another space that you have permissions for, choose File >> Change directory and enter in the full address, from /afs/… Once you are in the space you want to be in, then you simply drag and drop from one window within SecureFX to another. If you discover that you have lost your local window, you can get it back under View >> Local Window. You also may find that the application times out very quickly. If you are in the middle of an operation, you may be prompted for your login again.

%width=800px% [|"SecureFX UI"] [[<<]]

For more information, see the ITS pages on AFS at

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