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This page gives an overview of some of the hardware, software and support services available to Language Center instructors. More general resources can be found at Information Technology Services and Academic Computing.


  • Internet Access: Most classrooms have good wireless coverage. Ethernet is also generally available for activities such as online video that need a bit more bandwidth.
  • Web space: Instructors all have virtual file space that includes web space. Mail quotas are handled separately.
  • SmartPanels: Most classrooms that language instructors use have SmartPanels that have VGA and audio connections for digital projectors, as well as built-in VCR/DVD combo players.
  • Clusters: Both students and instructors have access to several clusters on campus, but the largest is in Meyer Library. This includes a Multimedia Studio with both Mac and PC equipment. In Meyer Library, the main area for language students is the Digital Language Lab. Instructors can reserve equipment and get advice in the Academic Technology Lab, which students do not have access to. Instructors also have access to a several MiniDV and SDcard cameras from the Language Center.



  • Academic Technology Specialist Program: Ken Romeo is the ATS for the Language Center and Joseph Kautz is the ATS for the Digital Language Lab.
  • Documentation: Instructors have access to a continuously growing website of current instructions and advice for available technology.
  • Support: Training sessions are provided at regular intervals throughout the year, especially before the Fall quarter begins.
  • Special projects: Instructors can receive advice and assistance on special projects to support their teaching.
  • Innovation: ATSs are also responsible for seeking out and adapting new technologies that might be useful to instructors and faculty.
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