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One way to live with the limited storage space we have for email here at Stanford is to get rid of attachments. Usually, there are two types of attachments in your Inbox: junk you don’t want to keep, and things you really should save. You can just delete the junk, but if someone sends you something that you should save, you can download it to your local device, or even put it in a larger storage space like http://stanford.box.com. While most email clients (Outlook, OSX Mail, Thunderbird) can manage attachments, you can also take care of attachments in Stanford webmail: http://webmail.stanford.edu. The interface for an email with an attachment has options for both downloading and deleting them.


Once you deal with the attachment, you can simply close that message.

For email with multiple attachments, you can deal with all of them at one time.


It also helps to check old email and delete large attachments from them. One place where you may have mail with unneeded attachments is your Sent folder. Cleaning that out regularly is one option, but you can also find mail with large attachments by clicking on the header for the Size column. This orders the mail by the size of the attachment - make sure you have the largest at the top. Since you sent the mail, you already have these attachments on your device, so you can go through and either delete the whole message or just the attachment.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to share files, large or small, with one or more people, http://webdocs.stanford.edu or http://stanford.box.com are built just for this purpose.

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