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Want to use a blog or wiki for your class? The easiest way is to do it in CourseWork!

On your site, go to Site Info and select Edit tools. For a blog, turn on the Forums tool, and for a wiki, turn on the Wiki tool.

In order to comply with federal privacy guidelines, blogs and wikis for class work need to be private within the class by defailt. For blogs, you can offer the students the option of creating their own public blog using one of the many free services available around the Internet. The choice to go public has to be offered as an individual choice for each student, with the default to keep their work private in CourseWork.

For most pedagogical applications, however, the tools in CourseWork are the best choice. If you feel that you have a compelling reason to use a public wiki or blog, please contact me and we can discuss it. Wikis and blogs in which only instructors post information are, of course, a different story - there are no privacy regulations surrounding what you post yourself, so you are free to use whatever service you want. However, for wikis and blogs that just last the duration of a course (one quarter), the best option is still CourseWork, because we don't have to worry about what to do when the quarter ends.

If you do have a blog or wiki:

  • Site Lifespan: Unless otherwise specified, it can be assumed that your site will taken down at the end of the quarter. In most cases, this can only be extended to the end of the academic year. If you have a need for something that lasts longer, please consult the LCATS.
  • Maintenance: It the instructor's responsibility to maintain the blog or wiki. This includes keeping it free of spam, phishing posts in the comments, and other inappropriate posts or comments. The Information Security Office monitors all sites on campus (surprisingly closely, I might add) and if such posts or comments are found, they will ask us to take the site down, so we will.
  • Permissions:  In most cases, permissions for wikis and blogs NOT connected to enrollment in Axess.  You need add students through the ITS Workgroup Manager (  When the wiki or blog is set up, a workgroup will also be set up, so you can add students manually, following the instructions at
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