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After a whole lot of trial and error, the best way that I have come up with to set up class blogs is to put a big barrier at the entrance, but open it up completely once beyond that.

LC class blogs are set up on a group afs space called lc-programs. Within this, directories are created by program, and then by course. For example: /itallang/s13-21a

When installing wordpress on the tools.stanford.edu the installer will ask for a directory, and so I fill in the gap with the above and let the blog reside in an autogenerated "wordpress" folder.

Once the blog is created, I create a workgroup using the langcenter stem and call it something like s13ital21a. I make the instructor (and me) an admin and add students manually by looking at the enrollment in the course's Coursework site. Then I create an .htaccess file that only allows that workgroup into the space.

Finally, I set up the blog so that anyone visiting it is automatically registered and can comment. I set the default role at registration to Author, which means that the instructor must be promoted to Administrator after s/he logs in for the first time.

Screenshots of the relevant settings are below:




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