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[ short url: http://goo.gl/Wck1q ]

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To view a calendar that has been shared with you

  • The first time you access the calendar, you will need to be invited. You will get this invitation by email. To get access to the calendar, go to http://webmail.stanford.edu and open the email. Click on the Accept Share button at the top of the message.


  • Click on the Calendar tab in and you will see the new calendar in your list. Click the checkbox and it will become visible.


To reserve a space on the calendar

  • Go to http://webcal.stanford.edu (or go to http://webmail.stanford.edu and click on the Calendar tab)
  • Check the boxes for calendars you want to view (i.e. Carnegie Speech NativeAccent 1 and 2)
  • View the calendar to find an opening - usually only one person is allowed per timeslot
  • Double click the time you want to use the software
  • Type your name in the Subject box
  • Drop down the Calendar menu to find the appropriate calendar (i.e. Carnegie Speech NativeAccent)
  • Adjust the start and end time if necessary
  • Click OK


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