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CourseWork 5 is based on the Sakai Project, an open-community Learning Management System with participants from all over the world. Sakai is a very powerful application, and most of us will only use a small portion of the functions. Learn the basics first, but try to extend yourself by trying out new tools to see if they can meet other needs you have. If you do run into something you don't understand, look at the help documentation on CourseWork, and on the pages here, but if you still can't figure it out, submit a helpsu with a clear explanation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a new instructor/TA and I need to set up the sites for the courses I am teaching, but the Worksite Setup tool does not appear in the left menu in My Workspace. What should I do? There are several places you need to check (in this order):
    • Human Resources - This is in the DLCL. New instructors/TAs need to be in the HR system as employees, not as grad students. The LC office staff may be able to help get in touch with HR, but they don't do the changes themselves. TAs who don't have US citizenship must also get English proficiency approval from EFS, although this has usually been shown in some other previous assessment, so it is just a matter of getting the approval.
    • The Registrar - New instructors/TAs need to be the "instructor of record" in order to create a site for a course. Again, LC office staff can help get in touch with the Registrar.
    • If the above two areas are in order then submit a helpsu to CourseWork to see if they can find out of something else is not right.
  • How do I import assignments from a resource site? Go to Site Info >> Import from Site and then click the checkbox for the resource site. Click Continue at the bottom of the page and you will see a page that allows you to choose what you want to import. Click the checkbox next to Assignments and then click Finish.
  • How do I add participants to a site? Go to Site Info >> Add Participants and then enter the SUNetIDs in the box.
  • What settings should I check before I release an assignment? Delivery Dates >> Assignment Released to: (the course roster, NOT Anonymous Users) >> Timed Assignment: (use carefully - allow a realistic amount of time) >> Submissions (Number of submissions allowed) >> Feedback >> Grading (make sure it is NOT anonymous).
  • How do I release an assignment? Open Settings >> Delivery Dates and make sure they are as you would like them. Then click Save Settings and Publish.
  • What should I tell my students? See the list on For Students: CourseWork Assignments. Feel free to print it out and give it to them.
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