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[ If you need help with a step, click on the [ Instructions ] link ]


Phase 1: Student

  1. Login to CourseWork:
  2. Notice the new parts to My Workspace: Spotlight, Instructor and Student Basics, and Showcase.
  3. Click on the tab labeled LC-Orientation-Student. If you can't find the tab, look in My Active Sites.
  4. Complete the assignment called Student Orientation A1. This contains a multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, a short answer and an audio response.

Phase 2: Instructor

  1. Login as a student to CourseWork:
  2. Click on the tab labeled LC-Orientation-Instructor. If you can't find the tab, look in My Active Sites.
  3. Import all assignments: Import all assignments from LC-Orientation-Resources. [ Instructions ]
  4. Export and import individual assignments: Export one assignment from LC-Orientation-Instructor to your desktop and then import it. To export, go to the assignment in Pending Assignments and choose Export from the drop-down menu. Select Content Packaging (not QTI v 1.2) and save the file to your desktop. To import, click the Import button on the same page (under New Assignment) and select the file you just saved to your desktop. [ Instructions ]
  5. In Pending Assignments, go to the assignment you imported called Student Orientation A1.
  6. Change settings: Open the Settings and change the title to something unique (like yourSUNetID Assignment) and then Save Settings and Publish. [ Instructions ]
  7. Retract and republish: Retract yourSUNetID Assignment by going to the version in Published assignments, and choose to edit the settings (which automatically retracts the assignment). Change the due date to one week later than you had set previously and republish the assignment.
  8. Score an assignment: In Published Assignments, go to the assignment called Instructor Orientation A1 and find one student without their results scored (no comments in the feedback box). Add your comments and save. [ Instructions ]
  9. Allow retake: Go to the Submission Status screen for that student and Allow Retake. [ Instructions ]
  10. Upload to Materials: Write a reflection on this orientation process in MSWord (1 sentence minimum) and upload it to the Reflections folder in Materials.
  11. Upload to a Drop-box: Upload the same reflection to the dropbox of one student
  12. Post an announcement: Copy the text of the reflection into a new announcement and post it (with no email)
  13. Logout of Coursework and email your reflection to your coordinator.

Phase 3: Create

  1. Create an assignment that contains at least one audio response item and one short answer/essay item. Including a file upload item and a fill-in-the-blanks item is also strongly recommended. [ Instructions ]
  2. Forums: Go to Forums and comment on a post and then post your own new topic. If possible, make an .mp3 recording of your voice and add that to the post or comment as an attachment.
  3. Wiki: Go to the Wiki and create your own page, adding at least one sentence (i.e. kenro was here!)
  4. Question Pool: Go to Assignments and create a question pool. Then create an assignment that randomly draws from that question pool.

Phase 4: Innovate

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