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[ If you need help with a step, click on the [ Instructions ] link ]

Phase 1: Be a Student

In order to use CourseWork effectively as an instructor, it is important to understand what it feels like to use it as a student. The following will give a bit of experience with Assignments and Materials from the student point of view.

  1. Login to CourseWork: Click on the tab labeled LC-Orientation-Student. If you can't find the tab, look in My Active Sites.
  2. Assignment: Complete the assignment called Student Orientation A1. This contains a short answer item and an audio response item.
  3. Download / Upload: Go to Materials and download the file called DownloadPractice.doc and upload it to your Drop Box.
  4. Logout and notify your coordinator that you have completed this part of the tutorial.

Phase 2: Be an Instructor

At the Language Center, the basics things we do on CourseWork are the syllabus, importing/exporting assignments, creating audio response and short answer assignments, and uploading / downloading files. The following will give experience with these basic tasks.

Note: If you want to just try out some of CourseWork's features, feel free to explore

  1. Login to CourseWork:
  2. Export and import individual assignments:
    1. Go to the site called LC-Orientation-Resources. Find the assignment called Instructor Orientation A0 and export it to your desktop. To export, go to the assignment in Working Copies and choose Export from the drop-down menu. Select Content Packaging (not QTI v 1.2) and save the file to your desktop.
    2. Then go to the site called LC-Orientation-Instructor and import the assignment you just exported. To import, go to click the Import button on the same page (under New Assignment) and select the file you just saved to your desktop. [ Instructions ]
    3. Rename the assignment: In Working Copies, go to the assignment you imported called Instructor Orientation A0. Open the Settings and change the title to something unique, like Instructor Orientation A0 yourSUNetID, and then Save Settings and Publish. [ Instructions ]
  3. Create an Assignment: Go to the site called LC-Orientation-Instructor. Create an assignment named something unique, like Instructor Orientation A1 yourSUNetID. Add at least one audio response item and one short answer/essay item. [ Instructions ]
  4. Score an assignment: Go to the site called LC-Orientation-Instructor. In Published Assignments, go to the assignment called Instructor Orientation A1 and find one student with a submission. Change the score, add your comments and save. [ Instructions ]
  5. Upload to Materials: Go to the site called LC-Orientation-Instructor. Write a reflection on this orientation process in MSWord (1 sentence minimum) and upload it to the Reflections folder in Materials. Make sure you include your name or SUNetID in the filename.
  6. Upload to a Drop-box: Go to the site called LC-Orientation-Instructor. Upload the same reflection to the dropbox of one student
  7. Logout of Coursework
  8. Email your reflection to your coordinator.

If you are interested in learning more, go on to [[Self Tutorial More|More Stuff to do].

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