Why are sticky notes & hula hoops essential tools for a Leopold Leadership event?

2013 cohort solving a complex problem!

2013 cohort solving a complex problem!

I just read a reflection on the question, How do you design a training so people learn something and are inspired to use it?  posted by a leading social media trainer Beth Kanter.  In a nutshell that’s my job and why I think interactive design is critical if you want people to integrate what they’ve learned into their repertoire.  Here in the Leopold Leadership office we’ve been following Beth’s blog and Pam Sturner’s been participating in a peer-learning group that Beth organized as a Visiting Scholar at Packard Foundation. Read Beth’s tips for interactivity.  It’s a long post so you may want to begin reading from “Design for Participants to Apply”!  

Let’s try an interactive brainstorm!   Can we get 20 tips?  Add your tip by replying to this post.  Here’s one to start us off:

Stand Up/Sit Down: (I opened the June training in 2013 with this one.) You get to know who’s in the room quickly and gets people moving as well!

Directions:  Stand up if you:

  • were born outside of the US (born in south, northeast, west, etc.)
  • traveled more than 2 hours to get here (keep increasing until you found out who traveled the longest)
  • took a gap year sometime in your educational journey
  • etc…(you’ll want to customize for your group!)





2 thoughts on “Why are sticky notes & hula hoops essential tools for a Leopold Leadership event?

  1. Great question, Beth! The object of the group-building exercise that you see in the photo is to lower the hula hoop to the ground without anyone’s fingertips coming off the hoop. Everyone in the group is required to put their index finger under the hula hoop and keep it in contact with the hoop at all times. We had two groups working side-by-side, competing with one another to see which group could lower the hoop to the ground first. This activity takes a lot of team work and cooperation and it’s fun!

    and what’s your tip?

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