Developing a framework for using social media

As a program we’re pursuing opportunities to further fellows’ exploration of how to use social media professionally.  This June at the All-Cohort Reunion, Liz Neeley facilitated a one-day workshop:  Message Box and Beyond:  Finding your voice in social media.  You can explore the resources she recommended and hear from Chris Field, Tom Sisk, Josh Schimel, and Luis Zambrano as they discussed their thoughts with other fellows at the reunion.

In 2011 we assisted Google with their Science Communication Fellows initiative (12 were Leopold Leadership Fellows!):  “In an effort to foster a more open, transparent and accessible scientific dialogue, we’ve started a new effort aimed at inspiring pioneering use of technology, new media and computational thinking in the communication of science to diverse audiences.”  We took advantage of their proximity to record the participating Leopold Leadership Fellows’ perspectives.  Watch these 5 short video clips!

  • Potential opportunity for the Leopold Leadership network to work together towards change. (Simon Donner, Alan Townsend, Frank Davis, and Julia Cole)
  • “The world is a lot different than 2004!”  Changing media landscape (Jon Koomey, Andy Dessler, and Brian Helmuth)
  • Audience: I’ve become more and more interested in connecting with young people who are using social media”  (Whendee Silver, Jon Koomey, and Simon Donner)
  • Implementation: You’re never too old to learn Twitter!   (Brendan Bohannon, Alan Townsend, and Simon Donner)
  • Concerns: What is the right way to communicate what to whom?  (Frank Davis and Susi Moser)

Resources you may find useful are these guides contributed by Shannon Crownover from Ocean Conservancy, a presenter at 2011 cohort training:

How are you engaging with the next generation vis a vis social media?

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