About Leopold Leadership 3.0

Welcome to Leopold 3.0 — the Leopold Leadership Network blog about training the next generation of leaders on global sustainability. We’re exploring what’s working in graduate training to prepare early-career leaders to work across disciplines, sectors, and cultures on the critical, complex issues of global sustainability that we face.

You can expect to find posts here by Leopold Leadership Fellows about:

  • Classes, seminars, and workshops they’ve taught that incorporate leadership training
  • Articles, syllabi, and other resources on leadership
  • Reflections on how their labs are using leadership tools, skills, and approaches to make real change for sustainability.


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Photos courtesy of Tracey Holloway (top left), Andy Hoffman (top right), Mark Carr (middle left), David Hooper/credit: Jeff Dukes (center), Leopold Leadership Program (middle right), Karen Lips (bottom left), and Leah Gerber (bottom right)