Helping colleagues to put knowledge to action

Greetings colleagues,

Here at Esri we’ve now completed the Oceans Summit which was the company’s first-ever high-level strategic workshop focused on new thinking and approaches for ocean science and resource management. I reached out to Martin Bloxham of Barefoot strategies for help with implementing the PMI-OPV technique (plus-minus-interesting, other point of view) that he taught the 2011 Leopold cohort. I had wanted to use this technique for the breakout groups at this Oceans Summit. I can’t tell you how much of a success it was! Some of the scientists were a bit shell-shocked, saying that they had never been in breakout groups that went so smoothly and were so productive! It was fun to teach and fun to see it in action. And from Esri’s standpoint, we got exactly the feedback that we needed.

You can see an overview of the meeting via this blog post, Esri Convenes Historic Oceans Summit, and a summary of the results of the PMI exercise at How is GIS Meeting the Needs of Ocean (and other) Sciences? Plus, Minus, Interesting…..

The PPT that I used to teach the techniques, based on Martin’s is available at [19.2 Mb]

This is so much fun being able to put into direct practice what we learned at Leopold!