The Program on Liberation Technology at Stanford University is organizing a conference on the Right to information & technology in partnership with the Data and Democracy Initiative of Berkeley on March 11-12 at Stanford University.  The conference will convene both practitioners and academics to discuss their work in the area and to examine the theoretical and practical implications of right to information, transparency and digital democracy. We seek to bring together people engaged in law, policy, social movements, administration, technology, design and the use of technology for accessing information.  We propose to go well beyond the issue of accessing information by looking at the use of technology to record, store, process and disseminate public information, and to create interactive spaces in the public sphere so that the full potential of ICT for transparency can be realized. Please see the Call for Papers here and Call for Proposals here for further details about the scope of the conference.

The two day conference will host 35 short presentations and nine workshops.  You can find details about the presenters and the agenda using the links above.  For more information, please contact Tanja Aitamurto at tanjaa at stanford dot edu or Vivek Srinivasan: vivekdse at stanford dot edu.