MSE326: X-ray Science and Techniques

A broad overview of state of the art x-ray techniques and applications. X-ray interaction with matter; diffraction from ordered and disordered materials; x-ray absorption, photoemission, and coherent scattering; x-ray microscopy. Sources including synchrotrons, high harmonic generation, x-ray lasers; time-resolved techniques; detector technology.


MSE157:Quantum Mechanics of Nanoscale Materials

Introduction to quantum mechanics and its application to the properties of materials. No prior background beyond a working knowledge of calculus and high school physics is presumed. Topics include: The Schrodinger equation and applications to understanding of the properties of quantum dots, semiconductor heterostructures, nanowires, and bulk solids. Tunneling processes and applications to nanoscale devices; the scanning tunneling microscope, and quantum cascade lasers. Simple models for the electronic properties and band structure of materials including semiconductors, insulators and metals and applications to semiconductor devices. Time-dependent perturbation theory and interaction of light with materials with applications to laser technology.