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280E Language Learning Studio

The classroom 280E was designed to accommodate the full range of classes taught in the language center, from the beginner levels of basic listening and speaking, to more advanced levels of writing and presentation. 280E_1

The room contains 2 instructor's stations and 2 interactive whiteboards (SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard System 685ix) with 2 projectors.

The room also has whiteboards on every wall, including one extra-long whiteboard (9ft10in x 3ft10in and 7ft10in x 3ft10in on the sides and 4ft x 3ft 10in on the back), and contains 8 mobile tables (each table is 2ft x 4ft 8in) with 18 chairs, and HuddleBoards, making it particularly conducive to group work, including small group presentations. capturecart

The room is also equipped with a video capture cart so that the recording can be conducted during the class and the recorded file is quickly saved as a digitized file and stored in the CourseWork. Documentation: How to use the video capture cart [video tutorial | PDF]



There are huddleboards equipped in the 280E. They are 10 small whiteboarsd (each board is 2ft 8in x 2ft) which can be hung up on the wall-mounted whiteboards in the room. The group presentation and brainstorming activities, as well as presentation planning can be conducted as ‘poster session’ styles.

Two Screens

The room has 2 SmartBoard interactive whiteboards connected to instructor's stations. These two screens expand the possibility of instruction and students activities. Two monitors can be used for multiple ways. Below are some ideas for how they can be used.

  1st Monitor
2nd Monitor
Scaffolding / Brainstorming
  • Constructed sentences
  • Ideas
  • Visual images
  • Video clips
  • Text/Word/Phrases
One monitor displays visual or text/word/phrase information and The other displays the construction of sentences orideas,
Annotation / Discussion
  • Summaries
  • Discussion
  • Annotation information on specific scenes
  • Visual images
  • Video clips
  • Text/Word/Phrases
One monitor displays a visual information such as online video clips andThe other plays the role of collecting the discussion summaries or annotated information on specific scenes of the clip.
Comparison / Contrast
  • Students' / targeted work
  • Later revised work
  • Modelled work
  • Early drafted work
One monitor displays a model or early draft of the product and the other shows targeted work or later revised products to compare and contrast the work that students have done.


handwritingSmartBoard Interactive Whiteboards

Smartboard interactive whiteboards are installed on both computers in the room. The SmartBoard interactive whiteboard allows you to:

  • Handwrite feedback and corrections within applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

  • Capture handwriting notes as images

  • Compare and contrast two similar websites (restaurants, stores, etc.)

  • Write/erase/move/resize Smartboard objects (images and handwritten texts)

With the SmartBoard interactive features, along with increased capacity afforded by two screens projected from the computer, feedback and correction as well as any information from activities can be instantly added, edited, and deleted, and saved in the computer.

Documentation of the Smartboard interactive whiteboard is available in the manual page.