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Explore iPad series #4 miscellaneous memos for iPad contents

Monday, May 12th, 2014

 iTune Store JAPAN allows users to purchase / rent the followings books

  • directly purchase from iTune store and use iBooks
  • Newstand – iTune Store- 1 month/3 month subscription for magazine, payment is itune account, be able to use multiple accounts to combine apps in Newsstand.
  • Movies – to rent – move between itune and ipad mini. the list of purchased/rented movies is displayed in ‘Movie’ in the device.

iTune Store or Amazon Japan

As far as Japanese content goes, I guess Amazon has more books than iTune store, while iTune has more movies to rent than Amazon. Amazon Japan had the region restriction which didn’t allow me to purchase the movies in Japanese.

Google Chrome and Safari extension will let users pin and download the books to kindle cloud reader.


Explore iPad series #3 E-Book Readers – Getting Started

Friday, May 9th, 2014

There are dozens of E-book readers for mobile devices.  The apps which are native to Apple are iBooks and Newsstand.  The content in Books is sync with ‘books’ in iTune and the content in Newsstand is stored in App store.  iBooks will display PDF, books, and audiobooks, while Newsstand is mainly used for subscription-based magazine and newspaper.    We can obtain the content for both apps through iTune store.

newsstand  ibooks


Photo Feb 05, 12 28 13 PM  Photo Feb 05, 12 28 36 PM  Photo Feb 05, 12 25 23 PM

There are other 3rd party apps to obtain the content for e-books.  I guess that the most well-known app is kindle.  kindle is the device for e-book reader as well as the name of app you can use for the content via Amazon.


Those who have multiple Amazon accounts, there seems to be a way to migrate these accounts (although I didn’t do it.  アカウント結合:  Amazon offers multiple apps for reading digital books in mobile device.  The main app is ‘Amazon kindle’ which allows to store the digital materials you purchased in device.  Another app is ‘Amazon cloud reader’ which allows to access the materials in cloud environment.  Using these apps separately allows to display the content through multiple Amazon accounts more or less.

Photo May 09, 11 33 40 AM   amazonkinddle   kindlereader   Photo May 09, 11 36 48 AM


As for E-book reader apps specific for Japanese, the apps can be downloaded for 楽天, 紀伊國屋, and many other places.  some people have explored these apps such as here.  The content of these apps can be synced and transferred through individual company website (they obviously require the account to do so).

As far as the amount of content available from foreign countries (Japanese in my case), most of them are more or less the same.  Newsstand is definitely specialized for magazines and newspaper, as it was intended.  Some companies allow the credit card from US to purchase the materials.  Others do not.


Explore iPad series #2 accessing the content in foreign countries – Getting Started

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

As far as accessing the reading materials such as books, comics, magazines and so forth, the apps native to iPad mini are, App Store, iTune Store, iBooks, and NewsStand.  We can purchase the apps through App Store in the tablet or iTune Store  in the computer.  We can also purchase books or rent movies through iTune.  Books will be stored in the bookshelves of iBooks.  The movie is in Movie app and the magazines are in NewsStand.  You can purchase the books from multieple iTune Stores and they will be stored at the same location.

Photo Feb 05, 12 28 13 PM


Photo Feb 05, 12 28 36 PM



NewsStand has the list of magazine which we are able to subscribe 3/6/1 yr subscription as app-in purchsae.

Photo Feb 05, 12 25 23 PM

To rent a movie through iTune Store, it was not ‘to copy the movie file’ from iTune to the tablet device, but it was to ‘move the movie file’.

 itunestore_movie1     Photo Feb 05, 12 29 13 PM     Photo Feb 05, 12 29 09 PM

Switching the multiple accounts are tedious and annoying but it was feasible to purchase or rent the reading materials or movies.  The payment will come from the iTune Store account.  Billing address needs to be in the countries with which iTune store is associated.  Otherwise it is necessary to have iTune Gift card credit in the account.

Moreover, dealing with multiple Apple IDs to have multiple accounts is sometimes troublesome.  Depending on the apps, iTune specify in which store the app is available and it may necessary switching the accounts for update.  If you are in ‘wrong’ store (meaning different store from the one in which you download/purchase the material/app), it will display the message.

Photo Jan 28, 12 54 10 PM

There seem to be many apps for reading e-books.  I will be exploring such apps as well as video-related apps and websites.

Explore iPad series #1 accessing the content in foreign countries

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The NMC (New Media Consortium) Horizon Report 2013 lists tablet computing as one of the technology trend.  (2013 NMC Horizon Report Higher Education).  I have been exploring my tablet device (in my case, iPad mini) and what kind of beneficial features the tablet computing and device can have, compared to the ‘traditional/standard’ computers.


Image from Apple:

Certainly the regulation of the tablet device which only allows users to use one ‘window’), the first impression that I had was the number of software (it’s called ‘apps’) available for tablet devices.  Through these apps, I also felt that that accessing to the content in foreign countries and making the use of the content seems to be much easier, compared to standard laptops.

Taking advantage of these apps may be beneficial to enhance the foreign language instruction and classroom activities.

Certainly, the Copyright and Fair use protocol needs to be implemented for the classroom use of these materials.  Also, the concept of ‘digital copies’ and ‘licenses’ in the cloud environment need to be further discussed among educators.   Nonetheless, the feasibility analysis needs to be conducted as a first step to seek the possibility of technology-enhanced foreign language instruction using the tablet computing.  Therefore, this article describes the feasibility of accessing the material at personal level at this point.

So how can I access to the content in the foreign countries?  iPad mini can be synced with iTune in the laptop.  iTune has the iTune store in which I can access to music, movies, books, apps, in foreign countries.  To access to the content in the iTune store, Apple ID is required.  I have multiple Apple IDs and each ID associates with different countries.  I have my home address in Japan.

When you open iTune and create an Apple ID, there is the setting which allows users to associate the country.


You can also switch the countries by scrolling down to the bottom of the page in iTune store and clicking ‘Change Countries’ or the icon of national flags.

Slide3            Slide4

And I have purchased the iTune gift card while I was in Japan so I have some money stored in my account (displayed next to my Apple ID).


Image from Apple:

There are usually 5 computers users can authorize to transfer files between the device and computer.


In addition to iTune store, there are many apps which allow us to access to these contents as well as to take advantage of them.  Further investigation will be conducted.