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Think About ‘Recording’ – part 2: Pros and Cons

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

videocaptureJust like anything else, there are always pros and cons about the things.  The technology tool is the same way.

Previously I posted the blog talking about the use case of video capture cart. The advantages that you can take with this capture cart are something like the followings.

  • be able to record with low resolution and create small file
  • it means the compressing process is not necessary
  • easy to navigate for the recoding app (one button push) and the device itself
  • mobile

On the other hands, there are certainly disadvantages to this device.  For example

  • since it is low resolution, the image is blur
  • audio is OK but not so great
  • using the native video app, you can record with good quality and you can record for long time but it is difficult to transfer the big files (not so many ways to transfer the files)

Depending on the advantage and disadvantage of the device, you may select the different technology tool and application for recording.

Panasonic camcorderAlso, depending on what you would like to do with the recording file, you may select the different technology tools.  The video capture device is very useful for uploading the file to the Course Management System without exceeding the limit of file size.

If the purpose of the recording  file is to show it in the class later on,  then, we may want to use the standard video camcorder with better image and audio quality and transfer the file into our personal laptop.  Although loaning the equipment, setting it up, and navigating the video camcorder may be more cumbersome than the device with ‘one button push’ app installed.