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Twitter can allow instructors to provide the authentic materials on specific topics.  Furthermore, the combination of Twitter and Paper.li will allow them to categorize and organize the Twitter’s information in newspaper style and to automatically release it in the daily-basis.

Twitter is displayed on the left sidebar and the example of Paper.li  is located as ‘Digital Language Lab Daily’ on the right sidebar of the Digital Language Lab website

Twitter is an online application with which users can post and receive messages.  The message is relatively small and has the limitation on how many characters you can type on a particular message (140 characters).  Therefore it is considered to be one of the microblogging tools.  This application is useful for informal communication as well as exchanging information.



Twitter has been pretty popular since its launch on 2006 and it has been used in the field of language teaching.


You can create a Twitter account and start following the organization, personal, company’s twitter to obtain the information.

Twitter is also used among language instructors to create informal professional /social networking to ‘create a new channel of communication, (EDUCASE Learning Initiative ‘7 things you should know about twitter’ http://www.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should-know-about-twitter)

The instructors can exchange the ideas, useful website information, and links to articles to enrich the ideas of language teaching.

List of Twitter for language teachers


Using the application such as TwitterDeck allows you to customize the twitter timeline to view the information in separated columns.


This collection of twitter information can be customized and categorized by using ‘List’ in Twitter.   Making your twitter account and list public will allow people to subscribe the list.

You can also publish your ‘following twitter’ information to public people in newspaper style via Paper.li.

Right sidebar on Language Lab website has the link to ‘Digital Language Lab Daily’ which is created and released by the website called Paper.li using one of Twitter lists of Digital Language Lab. The content is automatically generated by the information from Twitter and released in daily-basis.

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