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–New Learning Resource: French Art at the Saint Louis Art Museum

Source: French Embassy
Language: French


L’Art français au Musée d’art de Saint-Louis / French Art at the Saint Louis Art Museum is a new learning resource for teachers and students developed by the University of Missouri-St. Louis with the support of the Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago.

It provides images and descriptive texts for nearly 100 works of art by French artists. The works are among the highlights of the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum. This resource has been designed to facilitate teaching and learning about these works, for students of French language and culture as well as students of art. It includes information about the work, the historical moment, the artistic genre, and the artist.

All texts are provided in English and French, with audio recordings in French.

This resource is available at

–Phone Conversations

Source: Spanish Phone Conversations
Language: Arabic, Spanish

The Spanish Phone Conversations website contains over 300 casual phone searchable by level, country/dialect, and topic. It is available at Read a review of this resource at

There is a companion website, Arabic Phone Conversations, available at It was featured in a past InterCom article:


–Blog Post: Bloom’s Taxonomy and Language Proficiency

Image from

Source: Amy Lenord’s Blog
Language: ANY

Spanish teacher Amy Lenord writes:

“Since my teaching assignment this year is only level 1, I have had a unique opportunity to really think about what it is we are teaching in that first level and the language tasks we ask our students to perform. One thing I have noticed is that most level one curricula focus heavily on getting students to describe people, places and things, and while I do believe this is extremely valuable, I think in level one we are missing some important every day communicative tasks in our lessons. …

“The other day I was cleaning out my portable hard drive when I ran across some jpegs of Bloom’s taxonomy I had tucked away and had an epiphany. When I read the verbage that was categorized by the taxonomy skills I realized that right before my eyes were great beginnings of real life language tasks waiting to be employed in my lessons. So, being the tinkerer that I am, I took the verbs and came up with a few ideas of my own…”

Read on for some ideas to get even beginning students using higher level thinking skills in their second language:

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