Interactive Whiteboard and Interactive Projectors

The smart classroom in Language Lab is equipped with SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard.  We also have the Interactive Projector in Multimedia Studio area.  Both of them can be used for variety of activities such as annotation and collaboration incorporating the special interactive features of the products.

280E_1                                                      Photo Feb 06, 1 13 43 PM

I have explored both SmartBoard interactive whiteboard and Epson interactive projector (Epson BrightLink series).  Software needs to be installed for both products to use the handwriting feature.

Both products have the feature of hand-writing, which provides us the great deal of annotation.  The handwriting is possible within the application such as Microsoft word or on the browser windows.

IMAG0135                    Photo Feb 07, 9 20 45 AM


They can be saved as an image (Smartboard) or PDF (BrightLink projector).  They also have the ability to take the photo of the build-in camera to be incorporated into the notebook application.

Photo Feb 07, 9 24 56 AM

The difference between the two products, in terms of software functions and so forth, is pretty subtle in current setting in my opinion.  The hardware setting is a little bit different between the two.  The Smartboard has bigger size and probably more expensive and it is mounted on the wall as you can see.  The interactive projector is mounted on the table and the projection size is a little bit smaller, compared to the Smartboard, although the screen resolution can be modified by the set-up.  Considering the set-up, the Smartboard is used for classroom setting and the interactive projector can be used for small group collaboration or one-on-one tutoring.



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