Explore iPad series #4 miscellaneous memos for iPad contents

 iTune Store JAPAN allows users to purchase / rent the followings books

  • directly purchase from iTune store and use iBooks
  • Newstand – iTune Store- 1 month/3 month subscription for magazine, payment is itune account, be able to use multiple accounts to combine apps in Newsstand.
  • Movies – to rent – move between itune and ipad mini. the list of purchased/rented movies is displayed in ‘Movie’ in the device.

iTune Store or Amazon Japan

As far as Japanese content goes, I guess Amazon has more books than iTune store, while iTune has more movies to rent than Amazon. Amazon Japan had the region restriction which didn’t allow me to purchase the movies in Japanese.

Google Chrome and Safari extension will let users pin and download the books to kindle cloud reader.


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