Think About ‘Recording’ – part 1: Use Case of Video Capture Cart

videocaptureThe video capture cart equipped in the digital language classrooms has been used by various instructors this quarter.  Many classes in the different level, from Advanced EFS classes to Beginning Hebrew class, have been capturing the student’s presentation with the video capture cart.  Some class conduct the speech or presentation twice a quarter.  Other classes may record more (every 2 weeks or so).

The general approach of recording with the video capture cart follows the following process.

  • The instructor record the student’s presentation and upload the file to the drop-box in the Coursework
  • The instructor provide the feedback to each video file following
  • The students will review the feedback to improve their next presentation.

A beginning Hebrew class, for  example, conduct the student speech (5-7 minutes) every 2 weeks or so and the student cover the content of the chapters that they studied.  The speech is recorded and uploaded for the students to review the feedback from the instructor.  Also, in the end of the quarter, the content of the speech will be comprehensive, which requires the students to go back to review all the speeches they have completed.  The recording files can be a part of ‘e-portfolio’ for the students and instructor to see the progress.

Other instructor also recorded the discussion/debate by students in the class.  In this case, instead of uploading the file to the drop-box in the CourseWork, the instructor can upload the file under ‘Materials’ in the Coursework in which all students can view the file.

I believe one of the most important aspect of this activity is that it allows the instructors to assess the student’s progress as well as the students to reflect their performance.  To make this process effective, the instructor’s feedback and the instruction for the students to review and reflect the recording is significantly important.


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