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Jennifer Randall Crosby
Doctoral Student
Social Psychology

I grew up in Winthrop, MA, a tiny town just north of Boston where we indeed "pahked thah cahs". I attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, and did many different jobs before returning to Stanford as a graduate student in 2001.

In the Lowery lab, I am looking at the effects of how inequity is framed on what strategies people use to correct for the inequity. My other lines of research focus on how people determine if they are witnessing discrimination (with Benoît Monin in the Department of Psychology), and how race affects interpersonal academic interactions (with Benoît Monin and Claude Steele in the Department of Psychology).

I am currently a fifth year Social Psychology PhD student finishing up my final quarter at Stanford. Next fall (2006), I will be an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts women's college in Atlanta, GA.

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