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Lab members are always working on a variety of research projects. Below we have listed some of our current lines of research.

Researchers Topic
Caitlin Hogan and Brian Lowery Appeasement: Keeping what you have by giving some away.
Caitlin Hogan and Brian Lowery The self-protective function of the myth of the model minority: Positively stereotyping asian americans protects whites’ self-esteem.
Eric Knowles, Brian Lowery, Caitlin Hogan, and Rosalind Chow On the malleability of ideology: Motivated construals of color blindness.
Melissa Williams and Brian Lowery Resource entitlement and opposition to public policies that reduce inequality.
Rosalind Chow, Brian Lowery, and Eric Knowles The two faces of dominance: The differential effect of ingroup superiority and outgroup inferiority on group identification and group-esteem.
Brian Lowery, Rosalind Chow, and Jennifer Crosby Taking away from the advantaged or giving to the disadvantaged: How inequity frames affect correction for inequity.
Brian Lowery, Rosalind Chow, Eric Knowles, and Miguel Unzueta Paying for positive group-image: The effect of inequity frames on responses to redistributive policies.
Rosalind Chow and Brian Lowery Thanks, but no thanks: The role of deservingness in the experience of gratitude.
Ena Inesi, Brian Lowery, and Rosalind Chow Responsibility for success: The consequences of perceptions of obstacles on the perceived link between performance and outcomes.
Miguel Unzueta, Brian Lowery, and Eric Knowles How believing in affirmative action quotas protects white men's self-esteem.
Brian Lowery, Eric Knowles, and Miguel Unzueta Framing inequity safely: The motivated denial of white privilege.
Miguel Unzueta and Brian Lowery The impact of race-based achievement gaps on perceptions of test validity.
Miguel Unzueta and Brian Lowery The role of self-image maintenance on white Americans' conceptions of racism.