Publications Publications
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[Full text + link to supplement]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data] |[Tracing images]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. data]
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Abstract |[PDF] |Commentary
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Abstract |[PDF] |[PDF+Supp. Data] |Commentary
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