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Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
Biology 154/254; Neurobiology 254 (Luo, Shen, Clandinin)

This is a combined upper-level undergraduate and graduate course. The course focuses on cellular and molecular studies of the organization and function of the nervous system. Topics include wiring of the brain, neuronal communication, sensory systems, and molecular basis of behavior. Lectures are Monday/Wednesday 1:15-3:05. Graduate level (254) requires additional discussion sections on Friday. Prerequisite: Bio-core or equivalent, or consent of the instructors.
Winter quarters every other year (Winter 2019); 4 units for 154, 5 units for 254.

Exploring Neural Circuits
Biology 222 (Luo)

This seminar course focuses on the logic of how neural circuits process information and control behavior, how neural circuits are assembled during development and modified by experience. Discussion of primary literature is the main emphasis. Topics include neurons as information processing units; simple and complex circuits underlying sensory information processing and motor control; development and plasticity of neural circuits. Advanced undergraduate students and graduate students with diverse background (physical science, engineering, and biological science) but a common interest in neural circuits are welcome. Strong background in neuroscience will be helpful, but not necessary. Limited to 12 students. Advanced applications necessary.
Application for Biology 222
Spring quarter; 3 units.

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