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Recent Abstracts

Eric Lichtinger Velasco, Vytas Dargis-Robinson, B.S. and  Bruce MacIver (2010)  Increased GABA-B receptor inhibition contributes to isoflurane-induced depression of synapses. Soc. Neuroscience, 36

Bruce MacIver,  Youngjun  Na and Vytas Dargis-Robinson, B.S. (2010) GABA-B receptors located on CA1 dendrites appear to contribute most  to propofol-induced depression.  Anesthesiology, 104

Bruce MacIver,  Daniel Butler, Joshua Khani,  Lisa Rotenstein,  Gily Raz, Eric Lichtinger Velasco, Vytas Dargis-Robinson and Rona Giffard (2010) Removal of Calcium Significantly Enhances Ischemic Insult Recovery in Rat Hippocampal Brain Slices.  Anesthesiology, 104

Bruce MacIver, Eric Lichtinger Velasco and Vytas Dargis-Robinson  (2010) Isoflurane depresses Synaptic Trasnsmission by Enhancing GABA-B Receptor-Mediated  Inhibition. Anesthesiology, 104

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Vytas Dargis-Robinson, B.S. and Bruce MacIver, M.Sc., Ph.D. (2009) GABA-B-mediated Inhibition Contributes to Propofol-Induced Depression of Hippocampal Responses. Anesthesiology, 103

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Rotenstein, R., Giffard, R.G. and MacIver, M.B. (2009) Elevated potassium associated with ischemia produces neuronal damage independent of calcium influx into hippocampal CA1 cells. Winter Conference on Brain Research, 42.

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Dargis-Robinson, V. and MacIver, M.B. (2008) We know which is faster, but which is stronger? Comparing GABA-A fast and GABA-A slow inhibition.

MacIver, M.B. (2008) Abused Inhalants May Interfere wth Learning by Disrupting Hippocampal Inhibitory Circuit Function.
Winter Conference on Brain Research, 41.

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Soc. Neuroscience, 33.

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