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The version of MT that's available through Software Licensing is 3.34, while 3.35 was released on April 17, 2007, and and there's been a "mandatory security update" to 3.36 released on Jan 15, 2008. So, I instead took the plunge and downloaded Movable Type 4.1 instead.

Movable Type 4 has a number of different licenses, including a free-for-personal-use version, a commercial enterprise license, and one for .edu customers. The upgrade to MT 4 is free for paying .edu customers.

And then, finally, there is the free Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) license. Why would you pay for MT when there's MTOS instead? In the FAQ, they state,

What about paid users? Do we get any bonuses for paying now that there's an Open Source version?

MTOS will be community-supported, while paying users will always have exclusive access to our professional support team. In addition, commercial add-ons such at MTES and MTCS are only available for paid commercial licensees.

We'll also be increasing the benefits for paid users in the future, though we haven't announced specifics yet. You can expect even better support and exclusive add-ons or feature packs to augment the functionality of the free versions of Movable Type.
It's a matter of support and features, seemingly. I'm not against commercial software, of course, and had I known ahead of time that paying .edu customers can upgrade to the enterprise version of MT4 for free, I probably would have gone that route. But I didn't, and so this site is running the open source version.

Ironically, when click on the link on on the "Powered by Movable Type Open Source 4.1" link on the sidebar, it takes you to the commercial version of MT.

What does MT4 get you? I would imagine more attention from developers and security experts; that's the important part. But there's also a snazzy new interface, autosaving entries, live previews (where you see your entry as it would appear to the public), new and interchangeable templates, and a variety of plug-ins available only for MT4. Here are the release notes for MT4.1.

The update went smoothly, by the way. One has to remember you're dealing with AFS (which means wacky ACL settings via the fs and fsr commands, plus traditional unix permissions chmod). The ITS instructions for group or department blogs are clear and apply for both MT3 and MT4 just the same. Since we use a MySQL database for entries, and since AFS automatically provides previous-day backups, I didn't even need to do a whole lot of prep work. Yay technology!

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Thanks Noah- I use MT 3.16 and have not wanted to touch this for fear of fixing something that's not really broken. However, the security update give me pause and got me thinking about MT 4. Glad to hear the upgrade went well.

Do you have any suggestions on using the free .edu upgrade version? Would I have to request it through ITS?

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