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Removing ADS for Samba Users

Occasionally, I get a call that my Windows users connected to my Samba server on Mac OS X Server 10.5 can't manipulate a file. They get various errors when trying to open or download the file. The problem seems to be random but consistent; some files show problems, others are fine — even in the same directory.

Consider whether the problem is related to Windows NTFS alternate data streams (ADS). (See also the Wikipedia article.) You can see whether this is the case using the Terminal.

[root@hsd-data-server 10:48:10 /Files/Annoyances]# ls -l@
total 184
-rw-r--r--@ 1 bobjones finances 26112 Sep 21 09:13 FY_10_budget.xls  
-rw-r--r--@ 1 janedoe finances 62464 Sep 21 09:13 FY_11_budget.xls  

The extended attribute is the :ZONE.IDENTIFIER:$DATA part and needs to be whacked off. It's expendable. One command uses the xattr command. (Note that you'll need to escape the dollar sign.)

xattr -d :ZONE.IDENTIFIER:\$DATA senate.xls

There are (at least) two additional ways to handle these.