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Peter Morrison Vitousek



Academic Background


B.A. cum laude in Political Science, Amherst College, 1971


Ph.D. in Biology, Dartmouth College, 1975


Assistant Professor of Zoology and Biology, Indiana University, 1975–1979


Associate Professor of Botany and  Biology, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, 1980–1983


Associate Professor and Professor of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1984–


Clifford G. Morrison Professor of Population and Resource Studies, Stanford University, 1993–



Honors and Awards


Pew Scholar in Conservation and Environment, 1990


W.S. Cooper Award, Ecological Society of America, 1992; R.H. MacArthur Award, Ecological Society of America, 1993; Time/CNN America’s best ecologist, 2002; Princeton Environmental Prize, 2002; Marsh Ecology Book Award, British Ecological Society, 2005; Tansley Lecturer, British Ecological Society, 2005; Award for Scientific Reviewing, National Academy of Sciences, 2006.


Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, 1992; American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993; American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1994; California Academy of Sciences, 1994


D.Sc., Amherst College, 2003





Ecology (lecture course).  Indiana, North Carolina, and Stanford.


Environmental Biology (non-majors course, lecture).  North Carolina and Stanford.


Ecosystems of the Tropics.  Stanford.


Biology and Global Change.  Stanford.


Terrestrial Biogeochemistry.  Stanford.


Island Ecology. Stanford.




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